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Item Number: TPMS-4/2V
This 4-tire commercial grade TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is geared toward Lift Trucks, Off-Road, Construction and Utility Vehicles. Allowing 4-tire vehicle owners the ability to maximize fuel economy while improving tire wear in an easy to install and utilize system. Like all TPMS installations, the sensors must only be mounted on metal valve stems or the warranty will be voided. The weight and positioning of the sensor can fatigue a rubber valve stem. Rubber valve stems are also quite susceptible to breaking down over time due to environmental conditions. Please also note that the when used on smaller passenger vehicles the sensors could extend beyond the side of the wheel.

TPMS enhances the overall safety of the vehicle by detecting under-inflated, over-inflated, over-heated and rapid leaking tires. The system provides a unique package of features which allows its users to increase fuel economy while maximizing tire casing and new tire wear. All elements focus on making the system the easiest to install, the most effective for driver usage as well as fleet maintenance. The light weight sensors are mounted on the valve stem and allow air to flow directly through the sensor to the tire without removal, minimizing time and costs without losing sensors. The system is programmed to detect low pressure, high pressure, high temperature and rapid leaks using an exclusive rechargeable, Handheld Monitor which also functions as a portable tire gauge. All systems include an easily mounted Universal Transceiver which assures continuous transmission of the wireless signals without the inconvenience of installing multiple antennae.

Features include an optional anti-theft locking mechanism for the sensors which are housed in a rugged nylon encasement with a five (5) to seven (7) year battery life. Sensors are designed for harsh environments and operate in all weather conditions within a pressure range of 15 PSI to 150 PSI. In addition to offering status review of real-time tire status, the monitors display icons which graphically indicate type & location of tire alarms visually and audibly.

Warning levels are indicated based on conditions which affect the tire pressure or temperature - it is very important that a TPMS system is able to accurately detect and indicate these conditions in order to provide the user with alert conditions which may create a potential tire failure. Simply program the warning alert levels by axle position to provide the best management of  fuel and tire costs.
INNOVATION IN SAFETY - The System utilizes an innovative externally mounted valve-stem sensor, allowing for easy, low cost installation and use. The Portable Handheld Monitor provides audible and visual alerts when a tire condition is indicated – all tire conditions are specific to individual tire positions. The system alerts with an indicated icon for the following conditions: Low Tire Pressure, High Tire Pressure, Tire Pressure Watch (Rapid Leak), High Temperature.

The exclusive design allows the user to program warning levels and enables the air in the tire to be refilled directly through the built in valve stem without removing the sensor, providing less distraction for the driver.

TIRE WEAR - Running inappropriate tire pressures can cause rapid or poor tire wear – statistics show that a 20% under-inflated tire can reduce new tread life by approximately 25% and that 90% of tire failures are caused by under-inflation. Additionally, tires that are under-inflated by 20% lose approximately 30% of the life of the casing and may prevent the feet from achieving multiple retreads.

The Portable Handheld Monitor makes maintaining proper tire inflation even easier as you can monitor the tire pressure as you fill the tire!

FUEL ECONOMY - Under-inflation by 20 percent causes an estimated fuel mileage drop of 2% - this can add up to thousands of dollars in additional fuel if the proper tire pressure is not maintained. Program the level that the system will alarm for low or high pressure so the pressure can be maintained to assure safety and increased fuel economy.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Sensors are preprogrammed for tire position and mounted directly on the valve stem. The user easily programs TPMS for pressure threshold levels and temperature alert levels. The sensor can be secured using 3M Loctite® thread locking compound which is provided, or an optional locking mechanism – this not only reduces theft, but also assures an air-tight seal to prevent leakage.

The Portable Handheld Monitor has an easily readable LCD display and can be conveniently mounted on the dashboard and re-charged using the cigarette lighter adapter, provided with the system. The Universal Transceiver (included with the system) is a waterproof enclosed receiver and transmitter that boasts the signal from the tires without the need to install external antennas. 

EASE OF USE & MAINTENANCE - A tire management system is only effective if the driver is able to easily use it. There is no sensor removal required to add or delete air which passes directly through the valve stem mounted sensor. This minimizes the chance to lose sensors and eliminates the loss of air which is evident with other sensor systems. Additionally, the programmable sensors have a five (5) to seven (7) year battery life and are contained in a rugged, solid compound filled nylon encasement.

AFFORDABILITY - Safety should not be prohibited by cost. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is priced to allow rapid return on initial investment while improving the vehicle safety environment and comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.
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