: $225.00
Item Number: D-V-IR-MIC
Our DV-IR-RV heavy duty system is ideal for a motor home or large Commercial Vehicle.  This system includes our 7.0" TFT LCD Color Dash Monitor with built in speaker, and removable Sun Shield with our Heavy Duty RV Style camera.  This CCD Color camera is fully waterproof, with an 150 Degree angle, Infra Red lens for night vision, Built in Microphone, and 49' cable.  The audio and video quality of this camera is excellent and the kit includes the universal mounting bracket/hardware.
You can both see and hear everything behind your motor home or Commercial Vehicle  with this camera system.   The microphone feature is convenient and can assist in making you a safer driver.  If you don't want or need the audio sound, you can simply turn down the volume control on your monitor.
This Heavy Duty Commercial Grade system is perfect for Emergency vehicles, Waste Management, Motor Homes or anyone else requiring both audio and visual tools to become better, safer drivers.
Features of camera include: 1/3 Inch CCD Color, Waterproof Camera with INFRA RED (Night Vision) and Built in Microphone. This is a heavy duty commercial grade camera with a wide 150 degree angle lens, mounting bracket and hardware and 49 foot cable. This waterproof camera has excellent picture resolution and a .5 Lux rating. The Microphone is sensitive without picking up too much back ground noise. Excellent camera for Motor Homes, Rvs, Emergency Vehicles. Sanitation Truck, etc.
This camera is compatible with all of our monitors.  Please call for specific quote or volume discounts.
 Dashboard Monitor Specifications:

◊ Large 7.0” TFT LCD Color Monitor with Remote Control 
◊ Built-in Speaker
◊ Video System: NTSC/PAL/SECAM Compatible
◊ High resolution (480H x 234V) 
◊ 9.5 Watt Power consumption 
◊ Removeable Sun Visor 
◊ Cigar Adapter for power connection
◊ Luminance: 300 cd/mm2 
◊ DC 11 - 32 Volt power supply 
◊ Dimensions: 7" L x 5" H x .75" W 
◊ Screen Dimensions- 6.” L x 3.5” H 
◊ Operating temperature: -14 to 158 degrees (F)
◊ Weight: 18 OUNCES 
◊ One Year Warranty 


Auto-Infrared for Night Vision
Built in Microphone
150 Degree Wide Angle lens
.5 Lux Rating
Fully Waterproof Case
Includes Mounting bracket/hardware and 49" Cable
CCD Color Image
Operating Temperature:  -20 to 50 C
Resolution: 380 TV Lines
Automatic White Balance
One Year Warranty
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