Back up Sensor System

: $168.00
Item Number: RVS-115

  • Independent System - comes with everything for install
  • Four (4) waterproof sensors mount to vehicle's bumper
  • LED display sits on dash for visual and aural alarms
  • Displays detection distance of nearby obstacles
  • Perfect for parking, driving in reverse and crowded areas


      This high quality proximity sensor system is a complete package, works independently of other systems and comes with everything needed for installation. Its 4 sensors mount on the rear bumper of a vehicle and it comes with a small console that’s placed in the front of the vehicle. The console displays the distance you have behind your car and has a speaker which beeps the closer you get to an obstacle behind you. The sensors, control module and cabling system are waterproof allowing for an easy install.

      • Backup Sensor System (Waterproof) | Rear View Safety | RVS-115-W


        All components of the RVS-115-W are waterproof, allowing you to install the control module outside the vehicle.

      Detection Zone of 8 Feet behind the vehicle and
       sensors have a vertical detection range of 59° and a
      horizontal detection range of 50°.


      4 x Waterproof Sensors
      4 x Rubber Grommets
      1 x Waterproof Control Module
      1 x LED Display with Extension Cable
      1 x Power Harness Cable
      2 x Cable Clips
      1 x Sensor Harness Cable

      Cable lengths in sensor harness:
      (Sensors "1" and "2")       26ft

      (Sensors "3" and "4")      13ft

      Power harness cable length:       48ft

      Sensor Specs

      • Sensor TypeAnalog Sensor
      • Sensor Quantity4 Sensors
      • Sensor Frequency40kHz +/- kHz
      • Static Capacitance2000± 15%pF
      • Input Voltage max.140 Vp-p {at 40KHz)
      • Decay Time<1.2ms
      • Decay Parameter20±3 (Admissible parameter)
      • Echo Sensitivity800mV
      • Horizontal Detection50°
      • Vertical Detection59°
      • Detection Range0.22mm (0.08ft) to 2.5m (8ft)
      • Working Voltage10.0 ~ 28.0 VDC
      • Rated Current (ECU)60mA max
      • Wiring HarnessVehicle Spec. T-Piece
      • Working Temperature-30°C ~ +80°C
      • Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +90°C
      Waterproof Control Module
      • Normal Voltage12 VDC
      • Operating Voltage1.0 ~ 28 VDC
      • Rated Current60 mA
      • Operating Frequency40 +/- 1 kHz
      • Housing MaterialABS
      • Housing ColorBlack
      • Working Temperature-30°C ~ 80°C
      • Storage Temperature-40°C ~ 90°C
      • Waterproof RatingIP67



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