: $69.00
Item Number: V-V-BULLET
This Flush Mount Bullet cameras is perfect for Mini Vans, SUV's, Sedans, pick-up trucks and more. This camera is for applications wanting a camera that integrates into the body of the vehicle such as directly into a vehicle's bumper or rear panels. The camera is flush mounted so only the lens is visible. These backup cameras offer a 120 degree field of view therby providing an excellent view of the rear of your vehicle.  They are compatible with any of our monitors and can often be integrated into a vehicle's existing navigational system. This camera is a Color, Waterproof camera with a  25' video cable and convenient drill bit to make the perfect size hole.  This versitle little camera has excellent color resolution.

Flush Mount Bullet Backup Camera Specifications:
◊ Light sensitive 1/4" color image sensor
◊ Wide angle lens with 120 degree horizontal field of view
◊ High resolution (380 TV lines or more than 250,000 pixels)
◊ Fully Waterproof
◊ Powerful 0.5 LUX illumination rating
◊ DC 12 volt power supply
◊ Minimal 300mA power consumption
◊ Operating temperature: -4 F to 140 F
◊ Light Weight: 8.0 ounces
◊ Mirror Image Picture
◊ Size: 1.5" L x 1.0" diameter (Hole size .75" Diameter)
◊ Mounting Style: Flush mount with drill bit included
◊ One Year Warranty
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