: $124.00
Item Number: 7.0" Mir Mon
The 7.0” TFT LCD Color monitor is built into the rear view mirror. Simply clip the Mirror Monitor over your existing rear view mirror. The monitor has two Video inputs for a second camera or DVD player. The monitor will automatically turn one when the vehicle is put in reverse. Includes touch screen controls. Use the remote control to switch to the second camera or DVD player.

Mirror Monitor Specifications:
◊ Large 7.0” TFT LCD Color Display Build into Mirror
◊ Clips over existing rear view mirror

◊ Dual Video Input
◊ High resolution (480H x 234V)
    Brightness 450 (CD/M2)

◊ Wide voltage input: 11~32V
◊ Turns on automatically when vehicle is in reverse
◊ Cigar Adapter for power connection
◊ Luminance: 300 cd/mm2
◊ Dimensions: 10" L x 4" H x .75" W
◊ Screen Dimensions: 6.” L x 3.5” H
◊ Weight: 380g
    Operating Temp:  -10 to + 65 Celcius

◊ One Year Warranty



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