: $249.00
Item Number: VTR107


  • 2.0 mega pixel (⅓” CMOS) lens

  • 110° wide angle of camera

  • High definition recording resolution
    ⇒ 1ch : 1280x720 pixel, Max 20 frames, H264
    ⇒ 2ch : 640x480 pixel, Max 10frames, H264 (rear camera optional)

  • Continuous recording function
    ⇒ General recording : creating files per minute in sequence
    ⇒ Impact recording : each 10 sec pre/post of impact occurrence
    ⇒ Manual recording : each 10 sec pre/post of button action
    ⇒ Motion recording : 20 sec recording after occurring motion

  • Video input port for Rear camera(2CH-IN)

  • Built-in backup battery
    ⇒ The last recording file saved in safe without power from car.

  • Built-in 3axis impact sensor (G-SENSOR)

  • Built-in high efficiency MICROPHONE
    ⇒ Simultaneous recording Video and Audio data.

  • 3 Colors LED mounting 
    ⇒ Built-in high brightness LED displaying working status.

  • Panorama security LED mounted
    ⇒ Warning, antitheft and interior effect in front of car.

  • External Video output port

    ⇒ Creating recording files by date and time unit.

  • Built-in BEEP sound
    ⇒ Inform the working status with BEEP sound.

  • OSD display
    ⇒ Displaying the data and time on recorded video picture.

  • Function setting program
    ⇒ Supply the program that control the function of system.

  • External GPS
    ⇒ Recording location and driving speed etc via external GPS.


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