: $299.00
Item Number: DVR-MINI
Miniture Digital Video Recorder with SD Card and Remote Control.
This Mini DVR will allow you to record from your vehicle during an accident, while driving or as a Dash Cam to record what goes on outside of your vehicle.  The DVR will record whatever image is on the LCD Screen.  The DVR includes an SD card for recording, but will accept any SD card.  You can play back the recording on your LCD Monitor, or load the SD card into your computer.   The Mini DVR unit includes an installation CD  for your computer for Windows, Windows XP or Windows Vista. 
The mini DVR is a great tool for Law Enforcement when used with a camera and monitor.
It turns on manually, or with motion dectection.  You can record a weeks worth of images, remove the SD card and download into your computer. Then put the SD card back in the recorder or change the SD card for more recordings. You can play back immediately, or download into your PC and play back on the computer with the included software.
If you want to record images from more than one camera, you can use our Quad Screen Display Box which allows for up to 4 camera viewing.  The Quad Screen Display box will show one camera imgae, or split the screen into two, three or four camera images. The DVR will record whatever image is shown on the LCD Monitor. 
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Now you can record images from your LCD monitor while driving:
Easy Setup
Pre-Alarm Recording
Motion Detection
Remote Controller
Low Power Consumption (120mA)
Sensor-In / Alarm-out
Schedule Setup
PC Viewer
Dimensions:  3.65" L x 2.0" W x 0.5" Deep
System Includes:
Mini DVR
Installation CD & Software
Video and Power cables
Remote Control
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