: $379.00
Item Number: DV-III-IR-2+1 SET
Detailed Description
These dual camera trailer systems are designed for vehicles with boat, camper, or horse trailers. The system includes a Dash Monitor, two cameras and trailer cabling allowing you to hook up an Infra Red camera on your trailer and the camera of your choice for the back of your vehicle. The trailer camera is Infra Red for night vision. The 5 LED lights give the IR camera a powerful .5 LUX rating.  Choose any of the other available cameras for your vehicle or call us for help in choosing.   
The 7.0" TFT LCD Color Dash Monitor includes dual video input and remote control.  You can change from video one camera view to video two camera view using the remote, or a button on the monitor. Put one camera on the back of your horse trailer and one inside your horse trailer to check on the animals from time to time without leaving your vehicle.  Put one camera on your vehicle and a second camera on the back of your 5th wheel.  Other monitors are also available with the 2 camera system.

The trailer camera is a CCD Color, waterproof Infra Red camera with a .5 Lux rating for excellent night vision. The camera has a wide 130 degree angle lens offering  an extremely clear, crisp quality color picture. The cameras include 5 LED lights and one light sensor, sunshield, mounting bracket/hardware and 49 foot cable.

Extension or trailer cables are available in 24 foot (8M) increments.  Waterproof caps are supplied for use when the cable are disconnected, for protection of  the electrical components.

Dashboard Monitor Specifications:
◊ Large 7" TFT LCD screen
◊ Built-in Speaker
◊ Non-glare color display with built in sunshield 
◊ High resolution (960H x 234V)
◊ U-Stand Bracket Installs on vehicle dashboard or roof 
◊ Multi-functional remote control
◊ Dual video connectors
◊ Auto signal sensing video
◊ DC 12 Volt power supply
◊ Dimensions: 9"L X 4.5"H X 1.25"W
◊ Weight: 18 OUNCES
◊ One Year Warranty

Backup Camera Specifications:
◊ INFRA RED Light sensitive 1/4" CCD Color Camera
◊ Expansive 130 degree field of view
◊ High resolution (320 TV lines or 250,000 pixels)
◊ Fully Waterproof
◊ Powerful .5 LUX illumination rating
◊ DC 12 volt power supply
◊ Low operating temperature: -20 to 123 Farenheit
◊ Light Weight: 2.4 ounces
◊ Mirror Image Picture
◊ One Year Warranty

Choose your second camera from any available on our website, or choose two of the Infra Red Trailer Cameras.
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