Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Does the system work at night?
Yes, all systems work great at night. The back-up lights are all that is needed to give you a clear, sharp picture of what is behind your vehicle.  Alternately, we have some Infra Red cameras available.

2.    How much does it cost to install?
We recommend professional installation from an aftermarket customizer shop because they can guarantee that the system is installed correctly. Open the yellow pages and look under "Auto Accessories" or "Truck Accessories" and you will find many listings available of customizers who are qualified to install a camera system. These aftermarket shops are knowledgeable in installing similar aftermarket items like DVD players, audio systems and sun roofs, and typically charge about $150-$200 to install the backup camera system.  Alternately go to and type in your zip code.


3.    How hard is it to install?
Many people have the knowledge and expertise to install themselves. The time and difficulty involved depends highly upon which monitor is purchased.  To find a Professional installer, go to and enter your zip code 



4.    What is the power source and how does it work?
Both the camera and monitor require a 12V power source. Usually the camera is connected to the back up lights so that the camera is activated when the vehicle is in reverse. Power for the monitor can be the lighted mirror in the visor, the ignition system or any other 12V accessory. It is best not to use a power source that will drain the battery.  If you wish for the system to always be on rather than only when in reverse, the use the ignition system or fuse box as the power source for the camera.

5.    Where does the camera get installed?
This depends upon the type of camera purchased. The bumper camera gets installed into the Rear bumper. The License Plate Frame Camera gets installed where your plates are located. The small black rectangular camera can be installed high up on a RV or down under the bumper of an SUV or truck. This camera can also be installed on the hatch of a van or SUV next to the license plate. The wide angle lens allows for installation almost anywhere.

6.    Do the systems work in the rain or bad weather? Do they need maintenance?
The camera is fully waterproof and will have no difficulty operating in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C. Occasionally you will need to wipe the glass over the camera lens clean as watermarks and dust do collect.

7.    Is the system always on?
The system can be installed to operate whenever the ignition system is turned on, or only when the vehicle is in reverse gear. For safety purposes, we recommend activation when backing up, so that the driver is not distracted.

8.    What is the purpose of a rear view camera system? Why would I want one?
These systems are safety products which can help save lives and prevent unnecessary accidents while backing up. They allow the drive to see behind the vehicle in the area which mirrors alone cannot reach, also called the Blind Zone.  If you avoid just one accident, you will have paid for your system.

9.    Will this work on any vehicle?
Yes, we have a system that will fit virtually any vehicle. Any SUV, truck, sedan, van, commercial vehicle, emergency vehicles, trailers, etc.

10.  How soon can I receive a system after ordering?
We carry ample stock in our St. Louis warehouse and can ship out within 24 hours anywhere in the world. Domestic shipping via UPS ground takes a matter of a few days.


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