Gentex 3345S 3.3" Mirror Monitor with HomeLink

: $609.00
Item Number: 50-GENK3345S

Now available through Visor-View, Inc., the new 3.3” RCD Mirror Monitor with Homelink, Digital LCD, Auto dimming and compass. 
Enjoy the safety and convenience of a Back-up camera, HomeLink  system, auto dimming mirror monitor with digital compass all rolled into one replacement Gentex 3345 Mirror Monitor.  
 Paired with any one of Visor-View’s back up cameras this monitor will automatically display the rear view image behind your vehicle when the vehicle is in reverse. When the vehicle is put into drive the 3.3” Monitor will shut off to a regular rearview mirror image.  
 HomeLink System will allow you to activate garage doors, gates, home lighting at the touch of a button.
The mirror auto dim feature will adjust accodingly with the amount of glare from the headlights behind the vehicle.

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