Glare Stomper GPS Sunshield for Navicam 7200

: $24.95
Item Number: GS 324 Sunshield for Navicam 7200

Shades Your Display
For Best Visibility!

Reduces GPS screen glare and washout caused by bright conditions. Provides greater display visibility and brightness.

How They Work . . .

These smart looking, professionally made shades attach with a narrow 3/8" strip of 'peel & stick' Velcro specially formulated for warm conditions found inside vehicles. It won't melt when exposed to hot sun, and can be easily removed when you're ready... leaving little or no residue on your unit!

Our shades can remain on your GPS device, they fold right over the display screen to cushion your delicate touch-screen or color display with a soft layer of padded protection, even large marine GPS fish finders, chart plotters, and sonar displays!

Contains no metal... won't interfere with GPS reception. Clears flip-up antennas and speaker grills. In rare cases If needed, simply cut to allow access to switches, connectors or mount clips. Our visors will never fray or un-ravel!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Cures poor visibility, get true 'daylight viewable' display
Stops display reflections in windshield
Reduce distractions to other drivers
Won't interfere with GPS reception

Soft and flexible - won't hurt you
or your gear





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