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With the growing popularity of large SUVs and minivans, there has been an alarming increase in the number of accidents, injuries, and even deaths associated with vehicle back up accidents. In fact, in the United States alone, approximately two children per day are killed in these accidents. Factor in the more than 6,000 injuries and millions of dollars in car repair and you can see why there is such a problem.

Visor-View is proud to sponsor,  and in an effort to help spread the news about the importance of vehicle back up safety.

The main problem that we have stems primarily from the extensive blind spots that these large SUVs and trucks have.

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Back up camera systems offer one of the most effective ways to deal with this problem. These systems have been used for years on RVs and commercial trucks to help drivers navigate more effectively and reduce accidents, but most of them featured large back and white monitors with bulky cameras mounted onto the exterior of the vehicle.

In an effort to help solve this problem, Visor View has worked to develop a product line of discrete back up camera systems that won't detract from the look of your vehicle.


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Better Vision.

All Visor View camera systems are designed with wide angle lenses that capture the area not visible to standard rearview mirrors and show it in large full-color LCD monitors.

Easy to Use.

Visor View systems can be designed to operate all the time or only when your vehicle is shifted into reverse. The cameras function in both day or night and trailer packages come with remote controls that allow you to switch camera views as needed.


With innovative monitors that clip on or install into your vehicle's sun visor and cameras that blend in with your car's exterior, Visor View systems operate in an almost invisible manner.


We've scoured the world to find the highest quality components for our systems. All cameras are completely waterproof and highly resistant to temperature changes while our LCD monitors are constructed to maintain their vibrant picture for year.

Cost Effective.

Considering your insurance deductible, one small accident is all that it takes to justify the expense of a back up camera system, but the peace of mind makes it even more attractive.

If you are considering a back up camera system, please call us at 1-866-922-6800 or fill out our contact form so we can educate you about the benefits of the Visor View Systems.

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