: $89.00
Item Number: STR132B

STR-132B Detailed Description

This discreet Sony Rear View CMOS camera is designed after the factory installed cameras on Mercedes vehicles.   This small Sony camera offers a wide 150 degree viewing angle and excellent picture quality. Our STR-132B is a Sony 1/4" CMOS color, waterproof camera with a flush mount design and generous 30 foot cable. Due to its small wedge size and design it will fit descreetly on your vehicle. The most common installation location is next to or over your license plate.This classy looking little camera is available in either Black or Chrome finish. 

The STR-132B
camera offers a CMOS lens with high resolution, resulting in a beautiful crisp, clear, color picture. It also offers a low light Lux rating of .05, and is CE, and FCC class “A” certified. This camera has an added factor of Embedded Parking Lines to assist you while backing up.  You will love the quality and size of this little camera.

Now you can own the Mercedes style Rear View Camera for your vehicle at an affordable price.


- 1/4” Sony CMOS Lens
- Waterproof (Certify IP 67)
- 150 degree wide angle lens
- Reverse Image
- Resolution of 400 TV Lines
- Operating Temperature: -30 C ~ 85 C
- 1.0 Lux Rating
- Automatic Gain Control
- Auto white balance control
- Electronic Auto Iris
- Dual Voltage (DC 12V (+/- 20%), 110mA MAX)
- CE, FCC Class “A” Certified
- Dimensions: 1” W x 1.5” D x 1.5” H  (29mm W x 34.5mm D x 42.6mm H)
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