: $219.00
Item Number: M-V-BULLET

Our Mirror-View-Bullet camera system includes a REAR VIEW MIRROR MONITOR with Color Flush Mount Bullet camera.

The 7.0” TFT LCD Color monitor is built into the rear view mirror. Simply clip the Mirror Monitor over your existing rear view mirror. The monitor has two Video inputs for a second camera or DVD player. The monitor will automatically turn on when the vehicle is put in reverse. Use the remote control to switch to the second camera or DVD player.

Our Flush Mount Bullet camera is perfect for Mini Vans. Often used on construction vehicles and with people wanting a camera that integrates into the body of the vehicle, these cameras can be installed directly into a vehicle's bumper or rear panels. The camera is flush mounted so only the lens is visible, providing an excellent view of the rear of your vehicle with their 120 degree diagonal field of view. The color waterproof camera includes  a 25' cable and conveneint drill bit for drilling the perfect size hole.  This versatile little camera has excellent color resolution

Visor-View, Inc. is a proud supporter of Kidsandcars.org and HarrisonsHope.org in all their efforts to promote Child Safety in and around vehicles.

Mirror Monitor Specifications:
◊ Large 7.0” TFT LCD Color Display Build into Mirror
◊ Clips over existing rear view mirror

◊ Dual Video Input
◊ High resolution (480H x 234V)
◊ Wide voltage input: 11~32V
◊ Turns on automatically when vehicle is in reverse
◊ Cigar Adapter for power connection
◊ Luminance: 300 cd/mm2
◊ Dimensions: 10" L x 4" H x .75" W
◊ Screen Dimensions: 6.” L x 3.5” H
◊ Weight: 380g
◊ One Year Warranty

Flush Mount Bullet Backup Camera Specifications:
◊ Light sensitive 1/4" color image sensor
◊ Wide angle lens with 120 degree horizontal field of view
◊ High resolution (380 TV lines or more than 250,000 pixels)
◊ Fully Waterproof
◊ Powerful 0.5 LUX illumination rating
◊ DC 12 volt power supply
◊ Minimal 300mA power consumption
◊ Operating temperature: -4 F to 140 F
◊ Light Weight: 8.0 ounces
◊ Mirror Image Picture
◊ Size: 1.5" L x 1.0" diameter (Hole size .75" Diameter)
◊ Mounting Style: Flush mount with drill bit included
◊ One Year Warranty

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