Sense Stat Wireless Sensor System

: $408.00
Item Number: RVS-125
Sense Stat Wireless sensor system from mobile awareness


  • Wireless - no need to run cabling through vehicle
  • Four waterproof sensors mount to vehicle's bumper
  • LCD module sits on dash for visual and aural alarms
  • Alerts you with distance to obstacles behind you
  • Perfect for trucks and trailers and fifth wheels


    The RVS-125 displays distance, accurate to within one-inch, allowing the driver
    to identify the precise location of an obstruction when backing up. All done simply,
    reliably and wirelessly! SenseStat® is a unique “digitally-encoded” wireless obstacle
    detection sensor system (ODSS). SenseStat uses wireless backup sensor technology
    to provide back-up assistance for all types of commercial vehicles including single unit
    trucks, trucks with trailers, off-road, lift truck and construction vehicles. It can also be
    used in a RV sensor application. The SenseStat® wireless backup sensor system
    provides the driver both audible and visual warning indicators, the combination of which
    creates a proximity sensor system that provides a greater means to avoid unnecessary
    backing accidents. The audible alarm has three adjustable sound pressure levels. The
    wireless ECU is completely waterproof and includes multiple antenna installation options.
    With built-in stopline adjustment you can easily adjust the stopping distance (zero point)
    away from the actual bumper by whatever distance you need. Use the item options to
    choose between standard mounting and the SE mount. The SenseStat SE offers a rugged
    housing for the system's four sensors. These heavy duty shock-absorbent housings adapt to
    a wide variety of vehicles requiring a vertical or horizontal installation. The perfect truck sensor
    system to protect your vehicles against rough handling, roadwear, construction sites and other
    conditions that might affect your investment in safety.

    SenseStat® Wireless Obstacle Detection Sensor System | RVS-125  Wireless LED Monitor simultaneously monitors four zones, indicates actual distance to the closest object and provides 3 adjustable audible alarm levels.


        Stopline adjustment allows you to easily adjust zero point away from the actual bumper to provide accurate stopping with allowance for protrusions.


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