: $229.00
Item Number: DCLP-LP
We are ecstatic to be featured on Consumer Reports Online 2007 Quick Pick for Back Up Camera Systems. Our VISOR-VIEW-VClip-License Plate System features our New Digital 7.0” Clip-On Visor Monitor and License Plate Frame Camera.

The Visor-View Digital Clip-on Monitor attaches to your vehicle's sun visor and provides a clear, sharp color picture of what is hidden in your blind spot. The high resolution (1440 x 234 pixes) screen is held in place using 3 metal clips. The top clip is stationary and the 2 bottom clips are adjustable for a custom fit. This Monitor should fit any Visor 7.0" high or less. Installation does not require any altering of the vehicle's sun visor so when you sell the vehicle, you can take the monitor and camera with you. Monitor includes Dual video input and Remote Control.

Our License Plate Frame cameras feature a patented design that integrates a rear view vision camera with your vehicle license plate in a design that is so discreet; you will hardly know it is there. 

Our new Full License Plate Frame cameras are now available! The patented design integrates a rear view vision camera into a License Plate Frame and your vehicle license plate. The design is so discreet; you will hardly know it is there. The camera is installed flush in the license plate frame so there is no danger of the camera being knocked off or stolen. The Infra Red color camera is constructed of Zinc Metal, with a waterproof Rating of IP67. It offers a high resolution of 380 TV Lines and a wide 140-degree angle lens. This night vision camera offers a 0 Lux rating and includes embedded parking lines. The camera can be used with any of our monitors and is easy to install.

The camera head is adjustable vertically for your custom application. You can lock the camera in position using the allen wrench supplied. This License Plate Frame Camera is a favorite for those needing to back up to a trailer hitch. This camera offers an excellent clear, sharp, color picture of what is behind your vehicle. Choose from two colors available; Chrome or Matte Black.


Visor-View, Inc. is a proud supporter of and in their efforts to promote Child Safety in and around vehicles.

Black Clip-on Visor Monitor Specifications:
◊ Large digital 7.0" TFT LCD Screen

◊ Operates on both NTSC & PAL
◊ No-Glare Color Display
◊ High Resolution (1440 x 234 pixes)
◊ Two Video inputs
◊ DC 12 Volt power supply (+/- 10%)

◊ Operating temp -10 C to 43 C
◊ Dimensions: 10.5" long x 5.25" high x .25" thick
◊ Monitor Dimensions: 6” long x 3.5” high
◊ Mirror Dimensions: 2.5” long x 3.75” high
◊ Weight: 12.2 ounces
◊ One Year Warranty


License Plate Frame Backup Camera Specifications:
◊ Dimensions of License Plate Full Frame Camera:
12.33" L x 6.33 H x .33" Deep
◊ Fully Waterproof - IP67 Rating
◊ Wide angle lens with 140 degree field of view
◊ High resolution - 380 TV lines

◊ Night Vision 0 LUX illumination rating with IR on
◊ DC 12 volt power supply
◊ Adjustable Camera Head
◊ Operating temperature: -4 to +122 degree F

◊ Weight: Appx 12 Ounces
◊ Mirror/Normal Image switch
◊ Finish: Chrome or Black
◊ One Year Warranty


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