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Our VV-Truck-View U-Stand System comes with a 7.0" TFT LCD color monitor, fully waterproof 120 degree reverse image INFRA RED camera and remote control. Using a reverse (mirror) image, the system displays the actual picture of what is directly behind the vehicle, which cannot be seen using mirrors alone. Unlike most of our systems the VV-Truck-View U-Stand requires only one power source for both the camera and the monitor.  It is ideal for Trucks, RV's and Buses.

The 7.0" Dash-View TFT LCD Color monitor with high resolution provides a very clear, sharp picture and utilizes a sturdy U-Stand mounting bracket that can mount to the dash. The U-Stand mount design greatly decreases monitor vibration.  This system is capable of holding up to two cameras.

The high quality CCD color INFRA RED camera is fully waterproof and has a 120 degree lens that provides a complete view of the rear of the vehicle. Eighteen LED lights give it a powerful 0 LUX rating for night vision which extends at least 50 feet in distance during night time driving. It includes sunshield, mounting bracket/hardware, and a 60ft cable. 

The camera can be installed under the bumper or on the top of a Bus, RV, Truck or SUV. The camera can be installed to activate only when in reverse mode or whenever the ignition is on. This option allows for flexibility to the particular application needed while the mounting bracket keeps the camera angle in place for the best possible viewing. Camera is available in Black or White.

Visor-View, Inc. is a proud supporter of and in their efforts to promote Child Safety in and around vehicles.

Dashboard Monitor Specifications:
◊ Large 7.0” TFT LCD Color Monitor with U Stand Mounting Bracket
◊ High resolution:  800(H) x 480(V) & No-glare display
◊ 5 watt Power consumption
◊ Built in Speaker

◊ Operating Temp -20 to 70 degrees (C) 

◊ DC 12/24 Volt power supply
◊ Dimensions: 170x128x22mm
◊ Weight: 350 g
◊ One Year Warranty

Backup Camera Specifications:
◊ INFRA RED Light sensitive 1/3" Sharp CCD Color Camera
◊ Expansive 120 degree field of view
◊ High resolution (420 TV lines)
◊ Fully Waterproof
◊ Powerful 0 LUX illumination rating
◊ DC 12 Volt power supply
◊ Low operating temperature: -10 to 50 degrees C
◊ Infra Red Distance 15 m
◊ Mirror Image Picture
◊ One Year Warranty


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