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This new Digital Wirless system offers a constant picture without the irritating lines of interference. What a difference the Digital signal can make -  the quality of a wired system without the cables.

Dual Wireless Backup Cameras with 7" Color LCD Sunshield Monitor and built in Transmitter/Receiver 

The "DIGITAL WIRELESS-2 w/ Sunshield" system includes two (also available in a Single Camera Version) Waterproof, Infra Red Night Vision Wireless CCD Color Cameras, and a high quality 7" TFT LCD Color Monitor w/ Built in SUNSHIELD. Featuring (2) two each 120-degree viewing angle waterproof cameras, all hardware, cables and remote control are included. For safety and convenience, the Color LCD Monitor is easily installed by mounting on the dash, in-dash or on the windshield (utilizes adjustable universal mounts).

Cam 1, which is the back up camera by default has embedded parking lines in color to help alert you to how close an object is.   Cam 2 does not have the embedded parking lines.  Another nice feature is that you are able to have a split screen with both camera images showing at the same time on the monitor.


Truck Drivers - Move camera among different Trailers
    Great for 5th wheels. Rvs, boat trailers, or horse trailers.
High quality 7” Color TFT-LCD Wireless Digital Video Monitor
Two Digital video frequency inputs
Wireless transmission (330 Ft) allows for a low cost installation
No time consuming wires to pull
Also available in a Single Camera configuration
Automatic/manual monitor ON /OFF push-button control
System can switch on automatically while in reverse
Also switch via left/right turn signals
Camera Selectable (when using Dual Cameras)
Manual or auto-sequential switching between dual wireless cameras 
Cameras are constructed of a metal alloy shell
Waterproof camera designed for vehicle use
    Embedded parking lines on cam l
    Split screen with both camera images
High-resolution image
Wide field of view CCD camera (120 degrees)
◊ Built-in IR (infrared) LED night vision capability



Monitor Specifications:

Wireless Receiving TFT Color Digital Monitor

◊ Large 7.0” TFT LCD Color Monitor with w/ Built-in Sunshield
◊ Built-in 2 CH 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Receiver
◊ Manual & automatic sequential switching function

◊ Receiving sensitivity≤1W
◊ High resolution (800RGB (H) x 480 (V)
◊ Luminance: 400 cd/mm2  Contrast: 500:1
◊ DC 10 - 32 Volt power supply  (10V~32V)
◊ Dimensions: 7"L X 5"H X 3/4"W
◊ Screen Dimensions: 6.5”L x 3.5”H 
   Operating Temperature -20 C to + 70 C
◊ Weight: 18 OUNCES
◊ One Year Warranty

Digital Wireless transmitting Rear View Camera:

◊ Infra Red 1/4" SHARP color camera

◊ 18 LED Lights, 120 degree wide angle field of view
◊ Operating System PAL/NTSC
◊ High resolution (420 TV lines or more than 250,000 pixels)
◊ Waterproof Rating IP69K
    Shock Rating: 10G
    Line of Sight Range: 100M
◊ Powerful 0 LUX illumination rating,
◊ DC 10~32 volt power supply (DC 10~32V)
◊ Light Weight: 1.6 ounces
◊ Size: 3.0" L x 2 ¼” W x 1 ¾” H


Electrical & Hardware Accessories:
◊ 2.4 GHz Outdoor antennas and indoor antenna

◊ U-Stand Support Bracket with adjustment screw
Auto Cigarette Lighting
 ◊ User manual

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